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Sonia Gandhi positioned her son Rahul Gandhi as AICC Chief. But the transition is
yet to be compeleted. Inordinate delays to bring a consensus. Rahul Gandhi is facing
stiff opposition from the elders group. Of course, Rahul Gandhi is in a state of confusion.
As President of All India congress Committee Rahul has to announce the elections to the
Congress Working Committee. There are three stages to this. First, Rahul Gandhi has to
announce 1200 AICC delegates from 29 states. This list will be a nominated but not elected.
When will this list of 1200 come out? March 15th is the last date to complete the process of
composition of CWC. Why Rahul Gandhi is delaying this?

Rahul Gandhi is short tempered. He shouts at Tamil Nadu Congress leaders for crowding
in New Delhi, for AICC delegate posts. Short of saying 'get out" Rahul staff members
are too angry on veshti lungi fellows.

For example 40 to 45 delegates each from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka to be nominated.
State units have been asked to submit
a list. Rahul Gandhi is unable to compelte this process. Reason, from Tamil nadu there are
5 groups P Chidambaram group, KV Thankabalu group, Thirunavkarasar group, Vijayadharani group
nadar, thevar like this a long list is coming up. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh. There is no party
units or workers in remote towns. But there are leaders. Rayalaseema, Vizag, Visaka like that
there are groups. These 1200 will elect 21 CWC. Finally AICC will take place.

The AICC endorse the CWC nomination of Rahul Gandhi as President. When will this happen?
There is no time. March 15th is the last date to complete process.

Internal manipulations in the CWC and AICC are taking place.Rahul Gandhi is busy with Karnataka
poll campaigns.

Rahul does not have confidence in elders. Responsibilities of selecting 1200 has been given
to younger elements in Rahul Gandhi personal staff.

visitors from various states are crowding in New Delhi, but without any one to lead.

Utter confusion prevails in AICC

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