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Day Dream of Congress.


Is it one far fetched?

Will alliances between
Congress regional party be at par?

Insider details

By R Rajagopalan

Congress is within its right to dream big.
Rahul Gandhi speculates that opposition unity
will ensure defeat of Narendra Modi in Varanasi.
Rahul also shares a view that BJP might not return
to power in 2019.

Does this not far fetched?

How did Rahul Gandhi get high confidence to speak like this ?
Is it just a defeat of BJP in Gorakhpur and Phulpur
by elections? Or winning of few assembly segments.
Or is it due to Sitaram Yechury CPM pep talks to Rahul?
Or derailing Parliament? Or the Dalit issue?

Nation mood needless to say is changing. BJP has slipped out
in many crucial issues. BJP dented on PNB scam. Nirav Modi.
But that does not mean, BJP can be completely written off,
as Rahul Gandhi dreams.

Just a two months before BJP snatched Tripura from CPM.
Is it not a defeat to CPM? Communism era in India is
over. Its strength in West Bengal is decimated.

Political scene is that, BJP leaders are also
24x7x365days political masters. They were in opposition
for 60 years. Representing right wing, branded as Hindu party.
BJP is ruling in 21 states, majority in Rajya Sabha.
BJP cadre is increasing every month. They have district
wise booth level karyakartas organiation. But does any
political party as of 2018 in India is as big as BJP?
Congress is fastly receding in its vote shares in All India level.
It ruled India for 60 years. Have black marks all over with
scams and corruption. Reality should be stronger Opposition.

Opposition unity is a must in democracy. Is not happening.
Opposition leaders have egos. They intend to split soon after
alliances. For May 2019 it is exactly one year. Poll preparations
have since begun in many of the political parties.

Major political party Congress is shrinking.No regional
party is ready to give more importance to Congress.
Can DMK agree to allot 20 Lok Sabha seats to Congress
in Tamil Nadu? Can Mayawati and Akhilesh if at all they
come closer will they offer 40 seats for Congress in Uttar
Pradesh. Similarly Lalu Prasad can he agree 20 seats
in Bihar for Congress. From 44 Lok Sabha how much hike
can Rahul Gandhi aim at? Can he cross 100 mark?
Prevailing political combinations, situations and
caste religion mix in North India does not give
that euphoria for Congress. In that event, how can
Rahul Gandhi say that Narendra Modi will be defeated
if Akhilesh and Mayawati will come to gether? Can
Rahul Gandhi ensure his or his mother's winning
if the regional satraps like Akhilesh does not give
that importance to Congress than his liking for Mayawati?

Now turn to state parties and their relations with
Congress and Rahul Gandhi per se? Senior Opposition leaders
like Mulayam Mamata Lalu might even agree for Sonia Gandhi
but certainly not for Rahul Gandhi.

Observers of regional parties have few questions.

Can Mamata and Communist go to gether? Can Sharad Pawar openly support
Shiv Sena which went for Babri Majid demolition. Can AIADMK-DMK
pull on in one camp? Lalu Nitish mahagadbandhan broke
in six months. Will Akhilesh and Mayawati alliance click?
Will YSR Congress and Telugu Desam join together?

Viewing from BJP the ruling party at the Centre, does not have
a regional ally. Most of them have deserted. Telugu Desam walking
out is a major set back to both BJP and to TDP. But BJP has nothing
to loose much in Andhra.

Modi-Shah duo would not easily leave the war zone without
a touch fight. There is no matching opposition leader to
take on Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi one line slogan for 2019, " I have done it"
Give me one more change to do much more"

2019 is not that easy for BJP. So much so for the entire
Opposition parties in India.


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